Ronald Bal


Ronald Bal, born in 1984 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, creates performances, film and installations. By studying sign processes, he tries to grasp the conditions of communication between image and language. Reflecting on Hanna Pitkin’s idea of the ‘paradox of representation’, Bal makes work that collide association and meaning in vulnerable trans systems, politics and environment, economic technology and the human body. Bal aims to visualize dissonance between shape and content and diffuse alienated systems of translation.

Ronald Bal currently lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He has been a part of numerous exhibitions of which mentionable names are Extrapoolin Nijmegen of Netherlands, Co-creationin the European Culture Centre in Venice of Italy and Performance Weekin Luisa Catucci Gallery in Berlin of Germany. He has also participated in a number of residency programs such as the Cloud Danslaband the Winter School of Discontentin the Hague of Netherlands.