Joydeb Roaja


Joydeb Roaja is an Indigenous Artist from Chittagong hill tract area of Bangladesh. He grew up in a rural hilly land. Now a days most of his Paintings, Drawing Installation and Performance Artworks are influenced by hill tracts life and nature.  In future he wants to endure the Indigenous and tribal culture from destruction.

Joydeb had his recent solo exhibition in NIPAGEN in Japan. He has participated in numerous exhibitions including ‘Performance Art Intensive’-The Tetley,Uk in 2017, Dhaka Live Art Biennaleorganized by Back ART Foundation in Dhaka in 2017, ‘Back to the Trees -3’ Besançon, France in 2016, NIPAF Performance Art Workshop in Vietnam in 2016, 17th NIPAF Asia,Japan in 2014 and “Movement will become sculpture” arranged by Britto Art trust Bangladesh in 2004. In 2005 he was awarded with an artist in residency at Thirtha, Colombo, Srilanka.

He was born in 1973 at Khagrachori, Chittagong Bangladesh. He has been finished his M.F.A. in painting in 1999 from Chittagong University. He is working as an artist in Chittagong, and also involve with porapara space for artists activity.


Title: My childhood and imaginary mind birds.

The mind is a spiritual concept. Which people can just imagine what cannot be touched. If people want to realize someone, they are doing it from their heart. To be related to a topic, people’s thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, or feelings of happiness and sorrow are needed, which makes people manifest through the body’s attitude of mind. People have a lot of biological needs. To fill these, people go about different types and behave differently. Biological needs include appetite, hunger, sleep, sex and sex. When these needs are met, people perform various human and intellectual activities. Thus, when people do biological behavior, and then when they start doing humanistic and intellectual behavior, it is well known as human action.

The human trait is that human beings advance to human traits by fulfilling their biological needs. Cultural practices, scientific studies, philosophical practices, literary practices, storytelling, thrill, etc. Humanitarian practices. Through all these activities, love, affection, love, affection and tranquility, etc., develops positive things and eliminates negative things like anger, jealousy, etc. However, if the biological needs are not met, people do not want to move forward to meet humanitarian needs. For example, where there is a lot of hunger and poverty, music practices, science studies, etc. cannot be run smoothly. My performance will be content, My childhood and imaginary mind birds.


Photo credit: Rupomoi Tongchangya, Faisal Ibne Mizan, Adil Hasnat