Abu Naser Robii


Abu Naser Robi completed his education from the University of Chittagong in 1999. From then on he has had experience in different cultural organizations in Bangladesh, such as a cabinet member in ‘Amra Palash Sikhsha O Sangskritik Chorcha Kendro’ , Program Coordinator as ‘Shucoyon Sangskritik Songshod-Uttar patenga, Katgor’, executive member in ‘Somokalin Cottogram-Nalapara,Chittagong’, member and program coordinator in ‘Britto Arts trust-Dhaka’, founder member, coordinator and chairman of ‘Porapara Space for Artists’ and assistant coordinator in 15th Asian Biennale-2012 held at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy in Dhaka.

He has curated and organized a number of projects and events, namely, Art Space Network Meeting in 2017, International Performance Day Event in the University of Chittagong in 2016, Kula Bazar, and Coovum River Project in 2015 are some of the mentionable names in many more.


Untitled Performance-5:

Information and knowledge is not same thing, the 4th IR (Industrial revolution) make the topic more significant and meaningful. The relation of human emotion and internet technology with everyday devices like phone and PC is interrupting our natural daily lifestyle in positive and negative way. It is developing a lot of new logics and ethical values which we did not face before. We are passing a time which is more open and transparent than ever, but it is more confusing and paradoxical. There is many established values of social phenomena has changed there meaning with the impact of 4th IR, there is a new direction with pain and peace matriculate the contemporary time, the act of this untitled performance tried to realize the notion of changes, conflicts and harmony of our spiritual nature and 4th IR era, paper fly with newspaper was a symbol of information and technology.

Photo credit: Rupomoi Tongchangya