Godwin Constantine

Sri Lanka

Godwin Constantine, born in 1964 in Sri Lanka, is an artist, critic and writer. He achieved his education from the MBBS University of Jaffna of Sri Lanka, a BA (Philosophy) University of London and a BA in Social Sciences from Open University of Sri Lanka. He is a founder member Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts and Chairmen of Theertha International Artists Collective from 2018 and Co-director – Theertha Performance Platform from 2015

He has performed and exhibited in many countries, with notable performances and exhibitions such as Victim (Performance)– Theertha Performce Platform 2017; The clash of identity (joint performance – Theertha Performance Evening 2016; The painter (Performance)  – Colombo Art Biennale 2016; Imaging Peace – Red dot gallery (solo exhibition) February 2011; The Maze – a collaborative art exhibition November 2006; Images and Identity – An Event- interface between and art and literature – October 2005 – The Bowery Poetry Club, New York, USA; Urban and the Individual – November 2004 – Group Exhibition (curator and participant) Phenomenal space Gallery, Colombo.

Kelvin Atmadibrata graduated with Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) majoring in Interactive Media from School of Art, Design and Media in Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University. Previously living in Singapore for a decade, he is now based in Jakarta, Indonesia running PADJAK (Performance Art di Jakarta), a bi-monthly performance art gathering in the city.


Performance title:

Nasaspan sa frah oui lusa ehdu ouin gehktus (Remember me when you come into your kingdom)

Translated into “Remember me when you come into your kingdom” from Al Bhed1, the durational performance borrows the narrative of the Bible’s penitent thief (Luke 23:42). The male performer will be carrying a foldable metal ladder around the performance site, making a repetitive journey from one point to another (to be decided upon the site, preferably a small slope). He wears a google, stripping him of a recognizable feature and wears a thorny crown with silver leaves sprouting from it. As the performance goes on, fatigue will materialize and endurance will be tested. Occasionally, he will climb onto the ladder, positioning himself higher than his audience. He will also be accompanied by a looping soundtrack Hymn of Fayth from Square Enix’s highly regarded RPG, Final Fantasy X.

Within social context, the performance exhibits interest in power structure as a subtle response to religious conflict occurring around the world, including Indonesia.

1Al Bhed is a rejected tribe of technologists from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy X. They are often ostracized due to rejecting religion and dress in machine-like body suit, masks and googles. They too speak in their own language, an imaginary dictionary only found in the video game.

site responsive performance with life guard chair, a 2004 Kotobukiya Final Fantasy X-2 action figure (Rikku), silver painted belts, silver leaves and barbed wire crown while accompanied with a looping Al Bhed version of Hymn of Fayth from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy X-2, 35 minutes, 2017