Graham Martin

Artist | UK

Graham Martin is an international artist and curator concerned with the socio-political and the ‘how and why of living’. There is also humor and a spiritual aspect to my work. My mediums vary over time but currently action, performance, graphics, text and photography dominate. Having said that I’ve been doing lots of drawing recently. I’ve shown across the world and was at D’Lab in Dhaka in February 2019. After that I was diagnosed with cancer and have been in treatment. This leaves me ‘in process’ personally and artistically. I live in northern England but have an Irish passport. I agree with Beuys that the ‘purpose of art is to be a human being’.

Work title: Cleaning performance (still graphic, text and photo work)

The pandemic happened in the recovery phase of cancer treatment. I started using anti bacterial wipes as advised. I had heard some people were cleaning paper money and this project began and took off from there. Everything is in the work. The work and images are also constructed like a performance.