Vincenzo Fiore Marrese

Artist || Italy

Vincenzo Fiore Marrese was born in Florence, Italy. His father emigrated to Florence from Puglia, a region in the south, his mother was born in Tuscany, from the area called Maremma, in central Italy. He became interested in art thanks to the positive mood in which he grew up. He started his research about the artistic aspect of anatomy and biology. Then he developed his research toward the political and social function of the body, in relationship with art. He presented his work in several countries in Europe and in Asia.

Project Idea: “I don’t think you realize what I’m talking about”

— The work is here:

“I don’t think you realize what I’m talking about” is a work of art realized expressly for call. The topic of this work is related to one of my research interest, the probabilities and possibilities to imagine social alternatives and its relationship between fragmentation and complexity in the visual culture. The title refers to the idea of complexity. It is related to our opposition to accept it as a resource instead of as a problem.

Cause ” Bio-Net-Work” is related to human-nature relationship, I thought about Edgar Morin. I created this work thinking about his idea on the disorganization of the three terms “individual/society/species”, and the necessity to reorganize this relationship. I grab a picture that represent the idea of nature from a stock photography website. I used this picture, uploaded from a user (individual) to talk in a broad sense about nature. I chose one with a representation of a plant and a bird (species), then I put this image here on Internet where people are meeting (society). I put the words “individual/society/species”, to stress the relationship between these items. Then, I changed the of this image to exceed the size of a big screen. Then, I put this image on Internet.

The image overflow all the known screen sizes, so you can’t see it without drag and scroll it in the two directions, vertical and horizontal. You could do it on touch screens, but, also, on desktop PC, equipped with recent browsers. Nature exceeds human’s machines: at the same time, it is there. It is only a matter to discover it and found the complexity that is represented by the text in the middle of the image.