Umesh Nayak || Bangladesh

Umesh Nayak born in Bhimpur, Odisha, India, qualified Ph D. in Fine Arts from Dr. B.R. A. University, Uttar Pradesh. He was awarded the HRD Scholarship, Govt. India. He did seven solo exhibitions in many art galleries of India. He received many awards IACRF, ART MODA, A.I.F.A.C.A., Dr. B.R.A. University, Kurukshetra University, National youth festival, Jiwaji University and beside his own practice he organizes art projects for the art community. Presently, he is specializing in documentary filmmaking.

About Work:

My artworks incorporate with different objects, collaged, imaged formed, and installed together to define a distinct sense. I always tend to make art in multiple visuals. My installations create rendering appeal in them which pacifying my creative urges in a settled space, and lean upon my tradition, heritage, and myths. The creative imagination plays its role with scientific establishments and discovers, invent, and explore me in each work. This may be termed as a self-portrait in versatile moods and platforms. But I don’t want to get devoid of me. I my self is an element of nature. Nature is a primary source for me. Nothing appears secondary to me. I become an art piece. I consume my self ‘Theme’ in me is the most intimate object to me. You may call my self-exploration as the guardian materials are creating the artworks. My looks also cater to every object as a mirror to envision. The second is ‘self’ as the other reality. I fantasize about my self as an object of daily life like, chair, which is not a more commodity object of usage rather than hold a carrier of my body engulfing my spirituality and soul.

Always and very often I try to personify my non personified objects. Human anatomy creates a genre in my works. Man as an object is very intimate to me. I discover all the moments in me and others. It mirrors the emotions, Passions, urges, hopes, and aspirations. The abstractions in the figurations create a consumed effect. But I should clarify; I work in a certain sense and always try to render a physical or material frame to the particular levels of my thoughts. My artworks have also distinct freedom. In a sense, I may say they act themselves get created, speak, interpret, consume, envision, and visualize themselves.