Sadya Mizan || Bangladesh

Sadya Mizan is an independent curator and researcher from Bangladesh. She is the founder and director of the URONTO Artists Community (2012) and one of the founding trustees of Art Initiatives Bangladesh -AIB. Completing her Post Graduation from Fine Art Faculty of Dhaka University she has been working with galleries and design houses beside her curatorial practices. She is recognized as one of the potential South Asian Arts Managers by Art Think South Asia Fellowship. She does printmaking and site-responsive installations occasionally. Her curatorial interest has been in multidisciplinary collaboration and storytelling through artistic interventions. Her recent research is looking into Art infrastructure of different regions including South Africa, Colombia, New York, Oslo, and Berlin.


‘Confronting reality and realizations’

Unless you confront ‘the meta-reality’, you will never get a chance to be sure about when and what is the core of self-realization, for example- currently we’re internalizing the depth of self-distancing in the time of a new pandemic situation. The monologue I’ve used in this experimental exercise is absolutely my personal observation and also to some point self-reflection as well. In the present, we are surviving through e-data and emotional statistics. Choosing an excel sheet for the performative palette is a conscious attempt in terms of revisiting my mundane abstraction. Excel is not a sudden element in my life, we’re sharing a long friendship for the last 13 years in my life. Parallel to that, the wonderful journey to create the mutual ground of discussion between me (Sadya Mizan) and Kaur Chimuk as reflective contributors made the work complete at its best.