Fuad Hasan Prattoy || Bangladesh

Fuad Hasan Prattoy is a visual artist from Dhaka Bangladesh. Currently, he is majoring in fine arts from the Department of Drawing & Painting, Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka. The pencil is his favorite medium to work with but that doesn’t stop me from experimenting with other different mediums.

Work Idea:

My works are mainly for the purpose of continuing the practice during this quarantine. With this in mind, I started working. Gradually it has been highlighting some aspects of communication in my project during normal time and during this epidemic. Those with whom I have spent the whole day on campus and those who are very close to me, It is not possible to meet them during this disaster if I want to. So I decided to portray those people. As a result, it seems that I am very close even from afar. We can overcome this distance between ourselves by using social media and we should also follow all kinds of hygiene on our own with our family to keep everyone safe.