Shimanto Ghosh || Bangladesh

Shimanto Ghosh is a visual artist, currently majoring in fine arts. As an artist, he works hard to develop paintings that speak both to him and to other people about the natural beauty that exists in his country. The beautiful landscapes he draws represent the natural beauty of the rural areas of his country. He wants to awaken beautiful memories and relate to the viewers through familiar sensations.

During this corona pandemic period, Nature has assumed its own beautiful calm form which has so far been hampered by pollution and various human activities this time I wanted to sit at home and make that beautiful form of nature flourish in my colors. Nature draws me, but this time I wanted to go to her through my imagination. Which is reflected in my paintings. Nature cannot be imagined without a man. I wanted to see a nature where there would be no pollution, no noise, just fresh air, the chirping of birds. Nature will lift itself up in its sky. I hope all of you will see my work and will be fascinated by the beautiful nature.