Lizbeth Villarreal || Mexico

Lizbeth Villarreal self-appointed Trubaik, a multidisciplinary artist born in Monterrey Nuevo León, Mexico. As a child she was captivated by the arts by her mother’s grace and the fortune of having grown up across from the city theater that she frequently attended; She began at an early age in the dance discipline, observing the interaction and expression of movements, bodies, music, and dance. Later studied industrial design, serigraphy, and textile screen printing workshop, becoming increasingly involved with the processes in contact with materials, machining, and tools. Parallel to her present industrial design career, she has positioned a brand ‘Hands & Heads’ in various local stores and galleries throughout México.


“Life continued in a static place”

These works inspired by The Theory of the Creation of Life from Water, the divine geometry and the Fibonacci sequence, all organic forms are related to each other, from single-celled organisms to complex multicellular, showing the study in full creation and development of Sculptural work, in which I propose to turn the eyes of others to the marine species that exist in my world and perhaps in reality as well, we all see towards the beyond in space, the stars, wanting to travel to the moon or Mars, while few direct their gaze towards the depths where species of formidable intelligence and forms exist.