Dinesh Solanki || India

Dinesh Solanki completed his Bachelor’s qualification from Santiniketan Kala Bhavan and Masters from MSU Baroda Faculty of Fine Arts. He is a Visual Practitioner, believes that artists doesn’t have a different languages, and also believes that the practicing artist has neither a solitary medium nor a solitary philosophy. He has presented a show “Mind Without Fear” in Jaipur expressions Summit. He completed a thesis “Understanding the performativity” and during the thesis, he researched on performativity. He did pratidhwani, and during this venture, he utilized an old design and utilized performativity conduct of the people; he actuated the engineering in it.

In the era that we are going through today, society is suffering from many kinds of problems in which financial, mental, and physical all three are there. I have taken special care during this video That each person’s feelings could be personified.