Kojo Biney || Ghana

Kojo Biney is from Ghana, a country situated in the western part of Africa. He has employed several multi-art techniques such as painting, sculpture, designing, installation, and performance art. He practically occupies the environment, society, habitation, and various cultures to dialogue frankly on the existence of life rising alarm on issues across all circles being politics, economy, education, family, society, and environment. He induces critical thinking through graphic design, photography, painting, sculpture, installation, and performance. The element of his works bridges history from prehistoric into contemporary discussions.

Kojo Biney, a Ghana-based environmental artist has demonstrated his work and sharing his thoughts about this pandemic and his practice.

In such Pandemic season, Isolation, quarantine and social distancing have all become necessary for the survival of bio’s on earth, yet our dependency respect to the ecosystem must be adhered to for life and survival. There have been ways outlined for living in isolation, quarantine, and social distancing; ways to keep busy, stay active, stay home, and function as a being. Due to man’s survival, economic hardship, Family and various cultures or ways of life, the word isolation, quarantine, and social distancing is seen as a canker yet it has become necessary to comply due to health emergencies, with its shutdowns and pleas to keep our distance from others to curb the spread of this disease. In contemporary Africa where the nuclear family is gradually isolated from extended family, relationships are obligatory, based on notions of family responsibility and duty, and as a result, may entail issues of emotional ambivalence. Finally, given specific affinities and personal similarities found in friend relationships, friends provide different forms of support and interactions allowing us to use technology to keep our closeness together in isolation. Kojo intends to explore the word Isolation, quarantine, communication, and social distancing, through painting and nature art indoor experiments to continue his normal echoing collaboration between living beings and the natural environment.