Visual Artist || Bangladesh

Mahadi masud born in Bagerhat .He completed MFA from Ceramics department , Faculty Of Fine Arts, Dhaka University .He is basically a Ceramics Artist ,but he does Site Specific artworks and performance art. He did Five Solo Ceramics Exhibitions from 2001-2018 . He exhibited his works in several shows, such as, contemporary art exhibition of Korea and South Asia organized by Cheongju National University Of Education in South Korea in 2019; An art symposium organized by Bihar Museum and Takshila in 2018; First international Mezzotint Printart Festival “MEZZOT INDIA 2018” organized by Bihar Museum and Takshila; 15th-16th Biannual Asian Art Exhibition; National Art Exhibition; Young Art Exhibition organized by Bangladesh Shilpakala; 8th-10th Crack International side specific Art camp 2014 -2016; Land Art workshop organized by Gitree Bawlee in 2014 in Bangladesh; A Site Specific Art camp organized by” VASUDHAIVAKUTUMBAKAM ” in India 2015.

Controlled / নিয়ন্ত্রিত

Where lifestyle, taste, stupidity, Conscience, even death can be controlled, there the politics is divided as uncountable broken mirror, which reflects on thousands to millions, maps to maps, which may original or fake; may be faded or colourful; but controlled.

জন্ম, জীবনযাপন, রুচি, বদবুদ্ধি,বিবেক এমনকি মৃত্যুও যেখানে নিয়ন্ত্রিত হয়, সেখানে রাজনীতি বিভাজিত হয় অজস্র খণ্ডিত আয়নায়। যা প্রতিবিম্বকে প্রতিফলিত করে হাজার থেকে কোটিতে। মানচিত্র থেকে মানচিত্রে ।সবই আসল অথবা নকল ।বিচিত্র রংহীন অথবা রঙ্গিন। কিন্তু নিয়ন্ত্রিত ।