Khayrun Nessa Somali || Bangladesh

Khayrun Nessa Somali is studying Psychology at University of Dhaka. Her dream is to master in 3 fields, Neuropsychology, Criminal psychology and clinical psychology. She is a self taught artist. She believes many people can be helped out if the knowledge of psychology and art is combined. And this is what she is hoping to achieve by joining this online exhibition. She hopes she can help others through her work in this quarantine.


Happiness through kindness

Life is a beautiful yet complicated journey. Humans are one of the most important part of it. Humans are social beings. They live and harmonize together and this is how they spend their lives. But in 2020, the situation became a bit different. 2020 started with tons of death news and it’s still going on. We don’t know how the next day will turn out. Will we stay alive or not since this grim reaper Called Covid-19 is an invisible, silent killer. This pandemic changed everything not only our lifestyle but also our future. Everyone is suffering in this situation, especially the street animals. Since the restaurants, local eateries are locked down also. Due to this there is no food for the poor street animals. They cannot fend for food anymore since there is no food in the dumpsters. So they are suffering severely. They are starving and dying of hunger. As human we have to have compassion for every being. An act of kindness can save an animal’s life. So it’s high time we come forward to help these poor souls by giving them food that we can afford. It does not have to be anything expensive or fancy, leftover food is more than enough. So all of us should help them and also other people too because that’s what humanity is right? Spread happiness through kindness.