Ahsana Nasreen Hoque Angona || Bangladesh

Ahsana Nasreen Hoque Angona is currently doing an MFA in the Department of Drawing and Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts at University of Dhaka. She likes to draw and that’s why she chose fine arts to study in. She likes to paint what she feels and her favorite subject is figure drawing and conceptual arts. So during this period of quarantine she focuses on practicing quick figure drawing mainly.


‘Momentum Phase’

Momentum Phase represents the actional moment. We had momentum before and also now. The only difference is that now our momentum is limited. Right now we are living through a pandemic. Our surroundings are changing continuously. We used to do many things and work and it had many actions but all of this came to an halt. Now, we are unable to leave our home for our own safety and also others. As if we are living in the darkness. But during this darkness if we don’t lose hope and start working together but separately we can certainly get through this. Fist shows the power that we all have in ourselves and this power is for the better of the mankind. The power to understand the situation and take steps for our self and others. The fist smashes through this darkness to show us that we still have hope as a human.