Farah Naz Moon

Artist || Bangladesh

The context and content of the sociopolitical system plays an important role in Moon’s works. Sometimes gender issues are another important subject for her works. Moon’s journey into performance, site-specific art and installation art are thought provoking and quite extensive. Moon has participated in many exhibitions in home and abroad. Moon was born in Chittagong. She completed M.F.A from Fine Arts Institute, University of Chittagong.


“Object or subject’

medium- photograph, net

In this pandemic due to COVID-19 , I just wondered and thundered about this situation. I can’t work,can’t think can’t read. Everything going empty, I feel like falling down. Meanwhile, I decided to capture some situation of my daily life but couldn’t do it . I found I can’t see sky. All scenario seems under the Cage. I start to do experiment on photograph and wanted to use print . Hence I used monitor and net for capturing my family members, outside of my studio room, view from the balcony for ‘object and subject’ situations,These works are simple documentation of my lockdown times.”