Murshed Jahangir

Artist || Bangladesh

49 years old Murshed Jahangir born in Bangladesh, presently lives in Dhaka. The contents of his work are the result of some kind of psychological analysis, where his subconscious mind is reflected, and where he finds spiritual satisfaction. He creates a monochromatic relationship to the object and eventually transforms it into a sculpture or an image. He works on sculpture, installation, drawing, painting, video, sound and digital tools.

2 minutes 10 second dairy from Dhaka

“I am an art practitioner. Live in Dhaka. I usually experience my art through many mediums. It could be drawing, painting ,assemblage mundane objects, Installations art with sound, video, sculpture and ready made. Here I have done a film which I called “2 minutes 10second dairy from Dhaka”. This film conveys my current status under this pandemic situation. Under the pressure of covid-19 in our world, I am full of many questions which are related to our social and political lifestyles . We all know the politics of suffering. I found “know” is the word which I know before and still I know. This typical “know” word was ignored by power and system. But now it is different. I was looking for the answers of why. Why in a broad sense I mean. We see how the world is changing. We see how our social and political behavior destroys our faith and systems. And How we are now in a trap which we create in terms of capitalism. I started this work with creating sounds of noise and a few melodies of notes and writing words. I see the window as a gateway to deliver my thoughts.”