Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith

Artist || Germany

Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith is a German artist, whose work is associated with film as a performance for the camera, and live actions, video, text, painting, installation, collages, photography and drawings. In these quarantine days, she is mostly occupied in her studio which is also her base camp to produce the artworks and home for all collective materials for her performance and installation based work. In her works the objects, the materials in the action are devoured beyond recognition and its functions remain as signs of the past, thus in the moment, the relationship between object and artist is abstract.

Ideas of 2 works are as below:

‘Tracing Locked Layers’

The project emphasizes the de-coding and with performative distortions of coordinates through the interpretation of relations between unlimited interfacial spaces. Being locked in a public place, the search cuts into unidentifiable visual information. An unfolding space can be visualized with the impact of mapping on an actual political and geographical status quo based on knowledge and imagined historical conditions.

‘Vertical Purge’

The project vertical purge is inspired by the location-scape of the body within a restricted area. The safety within the individual artistic compound is less than safe since some actions, such as in ‘vertical purge’ lead to a short moment of suffocation at the end of 20 min. handling blue plastic. The sudden occurrence of panic gave awareness to the side-effects of isolation.The experience has purged the situation towards the desire of doubt.