Diniz Sanchez


Born in the capital city of Portugal, Diniz Sanchez received his education at Lisbon's Superior Dance School and at Forum Dança where he studied dance and choreography. He then completed his artistic education at Centre Chorégraphique National de Languedoc-Roussillon and at Aquitaine's Superior School of Drama and Musical Theatre (France). His interest in the multidisciplinary world of dance to theatre, performance, improvisation, video, voice works and so on enabled him to start creating works of his own. After continuing to create and perform his own contemporary dance-theatre pieces, he found his performative character SPICY TUTUBOY during his work on identity issues. Since then he has continued his research on identity, sexualities and gender issues in the Indian context, following his fascination on the crossover of traditional cultures, mythologies and contemporary cultures of the Western and the Eastern World, to experiment with different forms and disciplines.