Sanjid Mahmud Bulbul

Sanjid mahmud us a Dhaka based interdisciplinaryartist, a founding member in Daagi Art Garage and active member in the artist collective Back Art Foundation. Alsocoordinator of the Dhaka Live Art Biennale (D’LAB). As an active artist, he working regularly in the contemporary art field in Bangladesh. Parallelly he has longtime job experience on digital and printing media, which is make him more active on his art practice. In his work he focusses on socio political issue, human entity and daily activity of public space and nature converted urban life. Also, all of those topics inspire him to explore by performance art /live art and his maximum works based in subject ‘Inhalation’. But he is now working on the reflection of his mind on the impact of city’s self-centered reality. From his academic period, he loves to do experimental work by using unusual materials. Those experiment inspired him to explore multidisciplinary art practices in a local and global context of modernity, post modernity in terms of his own experience, place and history. He has explored several ways of expression through drawing, painting, photography, assemblage, sculptural installations, performance, interactive projects and others. From his academic period, he has participated in many group exhibitions, workshops, site-specific art project and residency program in Bangladesh. He earned his BFA from Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and born in 7thOctober 1987in Chandpur, Bangladesh