Aziz Amri


Aziz Amri, born in Jakarta of Indonesia in 1994, graduated with Bachelor of Computer Science followed by Mas-ter of Design in Institute Technology of Bandung. He also works extensively with illustrations, photography and installations that are motivated by personal experiences, social and cultural observations. He is currently lectures part-time in Uni-versitas Media Nusantara and co-running a performance-focused gallery, Sepersepuluh. Aziz has participated many exhibitions and performance festivals, the Membangun Tanpa Paku in 2017, Jakarta, Indonesia;  Rewind Art in 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia; Bandung International Arts Festival in 2017, Bandung, Indonesia; Hyaline in 2017, Jakarta, Indonesia; Tobong Arts Festival in 2017, Kediri, Indonesia and Melaka Art and Performance Festival, St. Paul’s Hill, Melaka, Malaysia are some notable works by him.


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