Fernando Hermógenes


Born in Contagem, Minas Gerais, Fernando Hermógenes is a Brazilian social educator, transmedia artist, writer, performer and independent researcher.  Being a resident of São Joaquim de Bicas in Brazil, he has been developing new processes in art education in the schools of his city and in São José do Vale do Rio Preto-RJ since 2008.

Fernando has participated in numerous festivals and exhibitions with performances, installations, videos and happenings throughout Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Bangladesh, India, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Paraguay and Venezuela. He has also participated in a number of residency programs since 2014 and is the curator of MMX Residency, a project started in 2015 with seven residency issues in art education. Fernando has published the book-work newspaper HéBarro and two other books of poetry.



Coffee is the second most popular beverage in Brazil which itself comes second in world coffee consumption. Wherever you go in Brazil, people will serve you coffee. Since 1727 coffee has been used for many purposes other than drinking: from crafts to use for aesthetic purposes, from manure to natural conservator of wooden furniture.

BURNING COFFEE is the result of a research on how to keep mosquitoes out – challenged by the discomfort caused and the diseases they transmit, especially in the context of mosquito-borne disease outbreaks in Brazil; after numerous attempts, failures, frustrations, irritations, BURNING COFFEE was perfect for the problem in question and, at the same time, a trigger of meanings and other visions. Games, rituals, commands, instructions, obstacles: every application of the Burning Coffee method to solve a daily problem of life (the mosquitoes control), observations, unfolding and powers arose.


Photo Credit: Nayara Ariel