Alba Soto


Alba Soto holds a Ph.D in Fine Arts and she is an actively working artist. She studied Visual and Scenic Arts and has served as the chairperson and the professor of Fine Arts at Universidad Nebrija. Dr. Soto has conducted workshops and seminars at a number of universities around the world, including the Kymenlaakson University of Applied Sciences in Finland; the UCA University for the Creative Art in the UK; Hochschule für Künste Bremen in Germany; and Universidad de los Andes in Colombia. Her performances, video art and drawings have been showcased at a number of national and international festivals and exhibitions in USA, China, Poland, Germany, Bolivia, Ecuador and Italy. At this moment Alba Soto is the president of the Asociación de Acción creativa de Cádiz (Creative Action Association) and the curator of PERNEO, International Encounters of Performance Art, in the Museo de la Neomudejar en Madrid.


Title: The voice of my feet: pomegranate

For me a performance is a ritual action which connect myself with the environment and the energy of the people who inhabit the space. Share the scene with people of another country, culture or life experiences works as a mirror, where I recognize myself as a wonderful stranger. I open the windows toward some kind of freedom; the freedom of meeting with my body and sing you a song with the voice of my feet; the window of my subconscious.

The proposal is conceived through the presence, the breathing and the space as basic tools of Communications. The active study, across the body and the surrounding elements, will explore a personal ritual to invoke fertility in all its meanings.
Bearing the context of the encounter in mind, the principal aim of this performance is to open new approaches and speeches about our own identity and the way that we show it. To internalize this question is important in order to develop them through the experience that awakes the memory and the imaginary.


Photo Credit: Mimu das, Nowsher Roman, Faisal Jafar